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List: Things I called Mass Effect in my head that are similar to the names of hip-hop groups

  • Mas-EFX
  • Wrex-N-Effect


Mass Effect, Halo, Prey, and Gears of War all have more or less the same story, now that I think of it. Are there any other games from the past decade that belong on that list?

a new ending for mass effect 3

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Finished Mass Effect 3

I may have more thoughts on it later, but in regards to people complaining about the ending: give me a break.

It’d be wise to bury the threats, Sederis.

- Commander Shepard, presumably misspelling David Sedaris’ name

Mar 8

Finally, ME3

I finished Mass Effect 2 on February 26, 2011. A little over a year later I’m starting Mass Effect 3.

I think being able to import my character all the way from the first game to this one is a big part of the reason I’ve grown to like this series. It’s cool (albeit a bit fourth-wall-breaking) that the import process in ME3 lists your accomplishments/stuff you did in the previous games:

  • Killed the rachni queen
  • Rescued Ashley Williams on Virmire
  • Chose to save the Council
  • Destroyed Maelon’s data
  • Kept Wrex alive on Virmire
  • Chose to destroy the geth heretics
  • Left the Collector Base to Cerberus
  • Survived the suicide mission with 12 squadmates
  • Did not romance anyone before ME2
  • Romanced Garrus in ME2

I barely remember what some of that stuff means, but it’s true, I did all that stuff.

Okay! Here we go.